Stay healthy while you work – try sit-stand desks

Stay healthy while you work – try sit-stand desks
September 25, 2017 Hiredesks Staff

A number of studies have suggested that constantly sitting at work is bad for you. So are sit-stand desks the answer?

Medical research has been building up for a while now, suggesting constant sitting at office desks is harming our health – potentially causing cardiovascular problems or vulnerability to diabetes.

This has big implications for offices and particularly office furniture. For years we have been used to sedentary workplaces but is this about to change with the rise in popularity of adjustable desks.

A 2012 study by researchers at the Universities of Leicester and Loughborough concluded that modern-day workers could spend more time standing at work to avoid the risk of serious illness.

The main findings of the study were that, compared to the shortest time spent sedentary, the longest time spent sedentary was associated with a:

  • 112% increase in risk of diabetes
  • 147% increase in cardiovascular events
  • 90% increase in death due to cardiovascular events
  • 49% increase in death due to any cause

This study cannot show that sedentary behaviour is the direct cause of the increases in risk. Nevertheless, it certainly seems to reinforce the recommendations that adults should perform at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week which could be using a sit-stand desk while you work.

Our ancestors did not have had to worry about going to the gym when they were spending 12 hours a day working in a coal mine or picking turnips. These days, however, for most of us, the working day provides very little opportunity for exercise and so we need to compensate for that fact by spending time standing at your desk. Sit stand desks UK can ensure greater productivity from staff, why not hire try it out by hiring a height adjustable sit-stand desk today? 

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