Why hire a sit stand desk?

Why hire a sit stand desk?
October 1, 2017 Hiredesks Staff
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How much of a challenge is it to reduce sitting in the average office?  Do you have to make big structural changes? And don’t adjustable sit stand desks cost many hundreds of pounds?

Helpfully, there is now a new option – you can hire a sit stand desk through hiredesks.co.uk.

But the cost must be calculated. The benefit of hiring a sit stand desk from hiredesks.co.uk is not only that staff can choose to stand up or sit down when they want but also, because the computer desks can be hired, they don’t require huge capital upfront plus it is tax deductible and  the sales tax for the desks can be spread out over the period of the hire.

Advocates say more standing would benefit not only health but also workers’ energy and creativity. And some big organisations and companies are beginning to look seriously at change. In the USA, sit stand desks have become much more widespread with many staff, particularly those with back problems, being given the option of an adjustable desk. Isn’t it about time that sit-stand desks in the UK caught up?

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