Why stand at your work desk?

Why stand at your work desk?
May 15, 2018 Hiredesks Staff
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BBC Radio 2  presenter Trevor Nelson presents his programmes standing up, from an electronically adjustable work desk which found its way into the BBC’s new building.

“I think you’ve got to think of doing something during the day that doesn’t involve going to a gym”, he says. For him, it’s not just about health benefit, “I feel more aware, I feel sharper, standing gives me more energy while I’m on air”.

The huge amount of BBC news coverage and publicity generated by the ‘On Your Feet Britain’ initiative (www.bhf.org.uk/health-at-work/events/on-your-feet-britain) has done a great deal to raise awareness of the health perils risked by the many Brits who spend  8.5 hours a day or more sitting down, and a perusal of research cited on the NHS Choices website tells us that, compared to the shortest time spent sedentary, the longest time spent sitting was associated with increases in diabetic and musculoskeletal problems. There is a huge initiative from the British Heart Foundation encouraging us to stand more at work: http://www.getbritainstanding.org/index.php.

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