Hire | High Quality Sit Stand Desks

All of our electric sit-stand desks are suitable for home and business hire

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deltasone price in india Why Hire?

Less Expense Up Front

imitrex cost Saving cash is critical for business owners running small and medium scale businesses. Do not let scarce resources limit you from taking your business to the zenith of success. You can explore more avenues and get hold of better quality, more expensive equipment by hiring it instead of purchasing it.

Tax Deductible

aciphex otc cost Hiring will also help you qualify for tax deductions by providing income tax benefits. When you hire office equipment, it is not considered an asset, which automatically saves you from depreciating the capital cost of equipment. Instead, all hired office equipment is classified as a hired expense.

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No Maintenance

effexor xr cost australia Sometimes when equipment undergoes a lot of wear and tear, the maintenance costs are too high and take a heavy toll on the business expenditure. With equipment hiring, this problem is solved because you do not have to worry about maintenance at all. All you have to do is make flat payments for the hire term while all maintenance work is handled by the hiring company.


duphalac germany Another great advantage of equipment hiring is flexibility. When you make an outright purchase, you are expected to pay sales tax. However, when you opt for equipment hiring the tax payments are spread over the entire term of the hire.

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aggrenox cost with insurance Like our desks, we are very flexible!

Bespoke desks

lanoxin price philippines If you don’t see the desk you like please get in touch to discuss other options, we can make our desks from other materials and in other sizes and shapes depending on your needs or you may just want to hire some ‘normal’ desks, we can also provide these with specifications to suit you, please get in touch if you would like us to provide a quote.

Hire to buy

rotahaler buy If you fall in love with your desk (which we hope you do) and want to keep it permanently we’d be delighted to discuss an option to buy it. Alternatively if you would just like to buy our desks, please get in touch.